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Publications by the Artist


1999McLuhan and Recent Art History. Fordham University New York


1995. Seven Types of Visual Ambiguity.


1995. Q & A. New Observations #105。


1994. Rear/View/Mirror. The Kitchen, New York.


1994. Q & A. The Future of the Book of the Future, FSU, Tallahassee.


1994. The Way We Are. Scattered Cohesion , FSU, Tallahassee.


1993. The Utility of Romance. (On Dennis Oppenheim). Catalog Essay.


1993. Experimental Epistemology. Promotional Copy, New York.


1992. Errata-Erotica: A Rant. B-4-A Gallery. New York.


1992. The Retangled Bank, E.M. Donahue Gallery New York.


1992. On Ryan's Sign(s). Introduction to Video Mind, Earth Mind, Peter Lang Publishers. New York and Berlin:


1992. Howard Wise. Provincetown Arts, Annual Edition.


1991. Warping the Eye's Mind. Schmit Catalogue, E.M. Donahue Gallery. New York.


1991. The Flaw and the Overlooked, Eidia Books. New York.


1990. Re: Scarpitta. Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea. Milan.


1990. Ava Hsueh. L'Ultima Gallery. Los Angeles.


1990. On Knowlton's Sculpture. Blum Helman Gallery. New York.


1988. Of Another Nature. Loughelton Gallery. New York.


1983. Teleconferencing, Computers and Art. All Area #2, New York.


1980. Axis of Observation. All Area # 1, New York.


1980. Notes on the Photographic Sets. Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington D.C.


1980. Olaus Magnus. Art at the Olympics Lake Placid, New York.


1978. Aransas: Axis of Observation, Points of View Press. Houston.


1976. On the Bergonzi Constructions in Six Panels and Two Scales for William Tyndale. Rooms, P.S. 1,

          MOMA . New York.


1976. Masque In Real Time. Video Art. HBJ. New York & London.


1976. Quidditas. Video Art, HBJ. New York & London.


1974. Difference and Resemblance. Design Quarterly, Walker Art Center. Minneapolis.


1974. Permutation As Context. Project 74 Kunsthalle. Cologne.


1973. Between Paradigms. Gordon & Breach. New York, London, Paris.


1973. Computer Gaming. Radical SoftWare, Volume 2, Number 3.


1972. Matrices, Loops, Circuits. Radical Software , Volume 2, Number 1.


1971. The Mood and Its Purpose. Radical Software, Volume 1, Number 3.


1971. Aspects of Data. Radical Software, Volume 1, Number 2.


1970. Random Notes On The Special Case. Radical Software, Volume 1, Number 1.


1969. Wipe Cycle. Howard Wise Gallery. New York.


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