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It should be impossible ever to mention video art, even en passant, without pausing to pay homage to Frank Gillette, grizzled originator of that medium, whose experimental daring was always matched by his intellectual chops and tough smarts. Gillette is back, or rather refused ever to go waya despite the vulgar vagaris of fashion and market, with a show at Universal Concepts Unlimited, an aptly named space for Gillettian aesthetics. Entitled "A Tangled Bank", the show displays Gillettte's trademark technological mesh of politicaln and aesthetic issues–after all this is a man who understood the nature of internet needs before the internet even existed. The sub-title of the exhibition is "The dogs of war unleashed" and the entire event is being held in memory of his close friend Michael Richards, the young Jamican-American artist who died in the attack on the World Trade Center. 



Adrian Dannatt / November 2001

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