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The Ranter's Corner

Chumps for Trumps:

Trump is not a monster, he is a monstrosity. He is not Satan, he is Rosemary's baby. The rose garden is littered with his victims, the world is betting its balls to a barnyard on his rapid demise. His hair glows in the dark, its bioluminescent. He confuses an auto-da-fe with a barbecue on the front lawn. He is the avatar of the three capitalist freedoms...The freedom to exploit, the freedom to pollute, and the freedom not to give a damn. Simmering and faux priapic, he aims his blather at rotten low hanging fruit. Dissolving into granulating mists of naked stupidity, he is his very own bull-shitiing marionette. Meanwhile, ass licking anodyne blandishments are sluicing through squirming mounds of abject and frazzled chumps for Trump. Get ready for a great leap in the dark.

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