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A Fait Accompli

Pardon my philippic...However, We, the collective We, the world-wide We are enmeshed in a maniacal cesspool of rotting politicians and their coterie (Sound the Trumpets!)...At the grand slam core, the singularity, the apex of our collective condition dwells a pricey orange hair-weave with pudgy digits and a feeble vocabulary brandishing a candelabra, while churning out a daily torrent of shrill, bombastic, sclerotic platitudes and asinine threats. While opening yet another golf course, scam "university", garish casino, whatever; this louche masquerade perseverates, confabulates and constipates while wishing to herd us all into his moronic inferno. How and why did it come to this spiraling decline? By what twist of destiny did American society in particular (but hardly unique) dumb itself down and then out? Precisely...where did we slip and slide into the grip of this creepy, solipsistic hebephrenic? One who's titillations are driven by the gold-encrusted clangor and bluster of a carnivalesque opulence...Jump cut: the world is reeling with ecological collapse, vacant-eyed terrorists, near universal financial trickery, streaming chaotic migrations, sex slavery, smut of every stripe, slash-and-burn attitudes, drug-addled sleep walkers, decrepit infrastructure, moral turpitude, vanishing species and generalized hustle and fraud wherein everything is fungible.

Hence the grimacing prospect: Depraved clowns, rank dilettantes, livid cranks, mountebanks, garden variety sociopaths, and snarling stooges drool from a leaking cask of dregs; surrounding their kingpin-on-a-plinth with stupefying adoration...all the while hellbent and poised to assume power one way or another, hands down. When knaves and jokers copulate, their issue is destined to explode. When a virulent fetishization of money leaches from the resulting debris field, cultural rigormortis has arrived...without an alibi. Before that final crevasse yawns, swallowing every stitch of hopeful optimism in it's awful wake, can We manage an escape? Perhaps with luck and pluck, but We shall see soon enough.

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